Wednesday, August 10, 2011

T-Shirt Contest

The Rules and Regulations

  • Contest open to current family members only

  • T-shirt designs may be graphics, text, or a combination of the two

  • Completed designs can be sent in .JPG format to for uploading to the website:

  • Design specs can be found here:

  • All entries must be accompanied by a signed release found on page 3

  • Designs may not contain any other copyrighted images or phrases.

  • The contest ends at midnight on, November 11, 2011 along with the balance of your rental deposit

  • Design must contain one or both of the following on the front or back of the shirt:

  • Must be based on the family reunion theme: “The _________ in our Family keep us together” (Fill in the word that best describes what keeps the family together)


COLOR: T-shirts must be color coordinated for the main family tree, and each branch of the tree a different color.

Decision: The decision will be made by people we invite to view our website. Each family will vote for their choice. Each family will then ask people outside of the family to go to the website and view the different designs and submit their choice for winner via comments on the web page.

The more people your family can get to view the website t-shirt designs, the better your chances to win! The two tallies will be added together to choose the winner.

Winner gets to be the "Royal Family for the Day"

NO cooking , or cleaning/working , You will be waited on hand and foot for the whole day! Back rubs, foot rubs, you name it, you get it (on condition that there is nothing legally, morally, or ethically wrong with the request).

Read, Sleep or Play it's up to you.

You won't even have to deal with the kids, (if you have any).

Childcare provided... and if you don't have kids...well, we'll think of something...

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