Friday, August 12, 2011

New Housing Option

While doing some more research I found this 7 bd house. Although it is not in the "Windsor Hills Resort" area which we prefered. I think the savings outweigh the difference. It is a few miles further from DW and the resort pool isn't as nice imo. But since we are talking over $1000 savings I am voting for this option. And we will all be in one house....Yippee!!

You can check out the resort here.

Downstairs Master Bedroom

Master BathUpstairs Master Bed w/ Bath

Kid's Bunk Room

Game Room



Dining Room/Living Room


Family Room

The new cost per bedroom is roughly $330. Add in the $100 per person for food (just a guesstimate: will further refine the cost as we get closer to the time and decide how many meals we will be eating at the house) Get your money to Margie asap!

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