Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Orlando in Summer 2012

So we are planning a Orlando trip in Summer of 2012. We are using codeword - "visit Kenney" as a way to talk about it when little ears are around.

As Mom (Debbie - will be using first names so that we all know who it is we are talking about) has suggested I am updating with the information that we have as of now.

Date: We are looking at July 24th - July 30 which is a Tues through Monday I figure it might be cheaper flights for everyone who is flying vs a weekend - weekend.

Place: We are thinking about renting a private home, which would have a private pool and gathering places as well as a fully equipped kitchen. Save money by cooking our own food.

Debbie has suggested we set up committees to deal with all of the aspects for this family reunion.

Head Chair Person - Debbie

Finance Subcommittee - Margaret has BEEN volunteered.

Food Subcommittee - Sharon

Activities Subcommittee - ?
I think this one is pretty self explanitory about activities to do in Orlando, but I guess it wouldn't hurt for someone to be in charge of it.

Communtication Subcommittee - Sharon (blog) everyone else through email

Photography Subcommittee - again - Margaret has BEEN volunteered, but make sure we all bring cameras.

Accommotation Subcommittee - ?
Sharon has provided information already about a private home rental company, but we can decide later. Kenney and Heather can provide Onsite Evaluations.

Welcoming Commmittee - Heather/Kenney have been volunteered.

Please feel free to volunteer to head up a committe. The more people we get involved, than the more people we can get to come.

Please also make sure that Sharon has all of your contact information. You can email her at sharon.byrum@augustachronicle.com

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Margie said...

So I am off the grid for a few days and this is what happens...you guys work fast!