Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Families Interested

So far these are the families that have said yes to going to Orlando.

Kathy, Dan & Denise
Debbie & Leo
Margaret, Jeff & family
Sharon, Steve & family
Eric, Brook & family

Kenney will be in the area, so we know he will at least hang out even if they don't do the parks.

Yea! Leanne has also expressed interest in going!!! Let's get an AZ crew together people!!


Margie said...

The A Team is in! Can't wait! I accept the nomination to be the treasurer as well as event photographer. I was thinking that I could use Jeff's creative/marketing skills to come up with a Logo for the reunion. I could print them out on iron-ons so everyone could pick there own shirt/colors....thoughts?

Sharon said...

I love the idea of shirts, I think they would be great to wear on DW case kids get lost.